About Us

The company RESOR DOO GADZIN HAN started back in 1992, as a company for the production of new and overhaul of old special superstructures of municipal vehicles.

We started with three engineers and twelve workers in a work area of 600 m². Today, the company has twelve engineers, sixty workers, two production facilities on a covered work area of 5700 m² and a plot of 2 ha, office space of 250 m², laboratory for radiographic testing with the latest equipment, painting chamber for vehicles of 80 m², parking spaces for trucks, guests and workers.

Our products are located in over 100 cities and municipalities throughout Serbia, as well as in the countries of the Western Balkans, among which we highlight Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Standard superstructures for garbage trucks, hoists, vacuum trucks, water tankers and oil derivatives according to ADR (Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), special vehicles for sewer penetration, platforms for work at height are installed on chassis of world-renowned manufacturers, “MERCEDES”, “IVECO”, “DAF”, ” RENAULT ”,“ MITSUBISHI ”,“ VOLVO ”… In addition to the standard ones, we design and build prototypes of superstructures according to the specific requirements of our clients. We use proven components from the manufacturers “KAISER MORO”, “PRETISSOLI”, “PARKER”, “WOMA”, “OMFB”, “EURO-P” …
We owe our gratitude to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Nis for the growth of production, expansion of the product range and constant innovation with modern technological solutions, from where we recruit the best highly qualified staff and participate as partners in various scientific projects.

In 2014, the company RESOR DOO GADZIN HAN privatized the assets of the company for development, production and trade of fittings AGH, founded in 1979 with its headquarters in Gadzin Han. It maintains the existing production program of pipeline fittings and external elements, improves it, hires new workers and starts a production plant under the name RESOR-AGH. Today, it can boast of successful cooperation with numerous public and private companies dealing with the construction of water supply network, district heating and electricity production, among which are the reference TENT Obrenovac, TPP Kostolac, Belgrade Waterworks, Nis Naissus …

In order to unite the complete production program of communal equipment, the company RESOR DOO GADZIN HAN in 2019 starts the production of metal containers of 1.1 m³ with a metal or plastic lid. This third sector of production soon became a recognizable brand and positioned itself on the market under the name RESOR-KONT.

Today, the company RESOR DOO GADZIN HAN, grows into a leader in the production of communal equipment in the region and sends a clear message that in one place the cities and municipalities of the Western Balkans can find everything they need to keep their environment clean.

The mission of the company is to, in cooperation with its customers and the social community as a whole, and respecting the modern trends in the society, enable an ecologically clean and healthy environment by solving the problem of municipal waste disposal and its recycling.

Positioning the company as the absolute leader in the utility equipment industry in the Western Balkans and technological approach to the quality of the world’s leading brands of the utility industry in Europe.

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