About Us

Company “Resor” ltd was established in 1992 as a firm for production od new and repair of old utility upgrades.

We began with 3 engineers and 12 workers in workspace of 600 square meters. Today, the company has 12 engineers and 47 workers. The workspace covers 57000 square meters on a land of 1.6 hectares. Office space covers 250 square meters. There is also the most equipped chamber for painting of vehicles.

Our product can be found in 93 towns throughout Serbia as well as Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro. The achieved results have shown so far, that the company “Resor” is becoming a regional leader in producing vehicles for special purposes.

We install our upgrades to chasses of well-known world producers such as “IVECO”, “MERCEDES”, “MITSUBISHI”, “VOLVO”, “DAP”, “FAP”, or at customer’s request. In production, we use only recognized components by “PARKER”, “VOMA”, “YUROP”, “PRETISOLI”, “OMFB”.
RESOR, from its very start, has been doing business positively, and every year the volume of work is increasing as well as the number of employees.

The company has very good cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Nis. It is also a base of recruiting highly educated personnel and it is also our partner on some projects.

Product quality and continuous application of innovations enable us to conquer new markets, which is one of the main goals of our company.

Our plans are not limited only to the regional market. Our ambitions go further, and we believe that with a good quality of products and constantly applied innovations, it is possible to make these ambitions become a reality.

Utility upgrades