Project Description

Canal-Jet – Tank superstructure for cleaning the sewage and collection various liquid waste/sludge and mud

Special combined vehicle “CanaI-Jet” is used for mud-Iike content suction with t A vacuum pump and for sewerage cleaning with a water system under high pressure. Both functions can be performed individually and simultaneously. Basic elements are a two-chamber reservoir (Clean water and mud-Iike content chamber), water pump, vacuum pump, suction tube, winch with hydro drive, winch with a gun nozzle and hydro installation. Discharge is performed by lifting the back lid and tilting the reservoir or with the help of a vacuum decompression pump. Water cargo volume can be from 1m³ up to 6m³, and mud-like chamber from 2m³ up to 12m³.

Varied option:
Vacuum pump: water cooling/oil lubrication: JUROP, MORO, RFW
Vacuum valve, bowl valve for affluence, sediment bowl set, noise absorber system
Suction pipes with flange and suction filter cup