Project Description

Drainage vehicle

Drainage vehicle is designed for cleaning cesspits, drains and other wastewater systems. It works with the help of a vacuum pump. It is equipped with an additional suction device – a suction tube with pivots, extends, lifts and fixes in its working position. Remote control commands are located on the suction tube, as well as on the control panel. Discharge is conducted by lifting the back lid and tilting the reservoir or with the help of a vacuum decompression pump. Water cargo volume can be from 4m³ up to 16m³.

Varied options:
Vacuum pump – water cooling/oil lubrication: JUROP, MORO, RFW
Vacuum valve, bowl valve for effuence, sediment bowl set, noise absorber system
Spinners for directional and storage pressure pipes
Suction arm
Suction pipes with flange and suction filter cup