Project Description

Drinking water transportation tank

This type of vehicle is used for drinking water or industrial (technological) water transportation, for Cleaning and sprinkling roads as well as for watering green spaces. The basic element is the reservoir and it is placed in parallel with the vehicle’s undercarriage. It is produced from INOX and steel in a Circular shape, rectangle shape with rounded corner and in an eclipse shape, with the volume from 4m³ up to 16m³ Reservoirs inside is divided into smaller chambers to prevent water collision with its walls. Loading is performed through an opening on the upper part of the reservoir, and discharge with the help of the pumps.

Varied options:
Tank from inox materials
Front adjustable spray nozzles
Pressure pipes with nozzles
Rear set for watering
Rear set with valves for drinking water
Suction pipes with suction filter cup
Spinners for directional and storage pressure pipes