Project Description

Fuel transportation tank

It is used for petroleum and petroleum products’ transportation. The basic element is the reservoir which can all be one chamber or it can have more than one chamber. It is produced in a circular shape, a rectangle suitcase shape and in an ellipse shape, with the volume from 4m³ up to 16m³. Fuel pouring is performed through the underfloor in accordance with the ecologic regulations, and discharge is performed gravitationally or with the help of the pump with a flowmeter. The vehicle is made in accordance with the regulations designed for dangerous and flammable material transport including ADR regulations.

Varied options:
Pump: SAMPI; ALFON SHAR; PIUSI svaka na 24 v (all on 24 v)
Relieve valve, floor valve, filter
Flow rate indicator: digital / analog
Spinners for directional and storage pipes with gun for fuel
Free effusion of fuel
Suction / pressure pipes with nozzles