Another successful cooperation was achieved between “Resor” company from Gadžin Han and the city of East Sarajevo in Republika Srpska, by delivering a tanker for water storage and fire-fighting. Eastern Sarajevo has acquired thus a new vehicle, which will enable more efficient in interventions throughout the region. The superstructure consists of a water tank, a fire-fighting pump, a winch, piping installation, a reservoir for additional equipment and accessories. The water tank has a capacity of 8,000 liters and a prismatic cross-section. It is made of a 3 mm thick steel sheet with two internal partitions against water agitation. The dimensions of the tank are approximately 2,500 x 2,300 x 1,400 mm. The vehicle will be used for interventions in case of traffic accidents and outdoor fires, as well as in winter, to rescue people from the snow.

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