For a long-term customer, we did the reconstruction of the existing car trash can with a crane. Changes were made to the rear part (Reconstruction of the rear part of the superstructure included changes due to the needs of emptying containers with a volume of 1.1 m3), removal of the existing crane and installation of RESOR crane RD-075 S for emptying underground containers weighing up to 5 tons when emptying underground containers.

The RESOR RD-075 crane, with a maximum reach of 8 meters and a lifting moment of 8 tons, achieves a working pressure of 250 bar, is mounted on the upper part of the superstructure. The crane is controlled by a remote control by a controller assisted by sensors built into the crane itself. RESOR RD-075 S was designed and manufactured entirely in our plant and is one of the most modern cranes for emptying underground containers.