Water tanker for washing and watering streets RESOR CV8 with platform, tank capacity 8,000 liters, made of 3 mm thick steel sheet Č0563. “Breakwater” partitions are located in the interior of the tank. On the upper side of the tanker there is a Ø500mm inspection hole with a cover and a vent, as well as an overflow pipe for drainage.

The inner part of the tank is protected with paint for technical water, while the outer side of the outside of the tank is protected (sandblasted, painted with primer and fishing layer) with RAL at the client’s choice.

The tank is filled through 2″ hydrant couplings or by suction with the help of a pump from a lake etc. There are two pressurized street wash nozzles on the front part of the tanker, which are controlled from the cabin (switch on/off and movement left-right), with pneumatic controls. On the rear side of the tank, there is a winch with a 50m long hose and two connections for washing hoses with a diameter of Ø38mm, a length of 7.5m and street washing nozzles. On the rear part there is also a platform that ensures watering from the suspension or when the vehicle moves slowly. Fluid level control is provided on the rear head – level gauge. Built-in water centrifugal pump (driven by a cardan), with a flow rate of 800 liters/min. and a maximum pressure of 6 bar.

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