• Modern production
• Product development
• Quality management

Modern production

  • The production of utility equipment is performed in compliance with all the highest world standards. In order to ensure the quality of the product, the most modern machines and tools are used for the needs of production. One of them is the device for external and internal rectilinear and circular welding MZ1000 SUBMERGED ARC WELDING MACHINE within the Column & Boom Welding system (telescopic boom type) with Welding rotator (self aligning type).
  • The Column-Boom system enables the improvement of the quality, reduction of production time and operator fatigue, precision, and continuous amount of welding that the operator can achieve. Thanks to the good organization of our own production, we are able to provide an automatic welding service.

Product development

  • Innovations in our company are an important part of technology that affects the development of products, services and processes. We strive to achieve maximum compliance of product characteristics with customers’ needs.
  • In order to provide advanced technical solutions, product development and all individual components are supported by modern technologies.
  • Product development begins in the initial design phase in which various analyses from the aspect of kinematics and hardness as well as component optimization are enabled.

Quality management

  • Production and work processes are subject to continuous improvement. This proves once again our focus on the customer. In order to ensure the required quality and flexibility, a significant number of components of our products are produced in our factory.
  • We are leaders in introducing the systems of quality. For many years, the integrated quality management system has been certified in accordance with the requirements of international “ISO” standards. Quality management is the most important success factor today and standardization and certification are a prerequisite for this.
  • In addition, by providing after-sales support, we provide our customers with long-term vehicle operation. All our products have a long lifespan. We are available to our customers for all additional requests.

SERVICE - Our service technicians are ready to fulfill your every request 24/7

Our Clients

We cooperate with over 120 local governments in the country and abroad.