In 2014, the company Resor Ltd. decided to complete its production program and thus expand its activities in order to fully meet the demands of the market.

The company for development, production and trade of pipeline fittings and supporting elements AGH, which was founded in 1979 in Gadžin Han, in 2014 became a proud member of the RESOR Ltd. group and ever since has functioned as an integral part of the company’s business entity.

The complete production program fully corresponds to the purposes of water supply, power plants, heating, etc. Fittings are used for the transport of various fluids such as: drinking water, industrial water up to a temperature of 250 ℃, sea and salt water, wastewater, oil and oil derivatives, natural gas, flue gas and blast furnace gases, powder materials, pulp. In addition, we also produce industrial pipe fittings with diameters from DN 40 to DN 3000 (mm) and pressures from NP 2.5 to NP 64 (bar).

We also offer complete solutions for maintenance and servicing of hydraulic equipment.